Hostel Facility

Our institution is providing proper and safe accommodation for our students.The boys were provided with separate hostel building within the premises of college campus with holds the title Acharya Krupa .For the girls from different regions there is B.C Welfare Girls Hostel under maintenance of Government and for the girls who cannot adopt for hostels inorder to provide a homely atmosphere. Our benevolent correspondent has given permission to use his home for lodging , this particular homely hostel is running with the funds of old – student association and our honorable correspondent . For the students who are residing in Acharya Krupa and in house of the correspondent are being provided with food facility also.


Sri Parikshath Smruti Bhavanam is our library which was named after Parikshath, who was once our old – Student.Our library is well equipped with almost 7,500 books the number which is still growing with the contributions of old – students, students etc… Our library is a well of knowledge with numerous old and new books,  which could help a scholar for his research work undoubtedly.