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Founder : Brahmasri. Tallapragada Suryanarayana Rao Panthulu Garu.

Family Background:    Sri Tallapragada Suryanarayana Rao Panthulu garu was born into a Brahmin family in the village “Konala”. ThIs is the family which had a good reputation all around this region.
Birth : Sri Tallapragada Suryanarayana Panthulu garu was born in the year 1875 which was named as “Yuva” by telugu astrologers on the auspicious day that is on Palguna Bahula Saptami and to was born to China Venkata Ramaiaha, Lachamamba.

Educational History : The learning of Sri Tallapragada Suryanarayana Rao Panthulu Garu has started with the sacred chanting “Om Nammasivaya” as a foundation and he has built Ramayana and Mahabharata as pillars of his house of knowledge along with these he was also completed his 4th Standard in a nearby school.
As, from his very childhood he was taught by Ramayana and Mahabharata, which lied foundation to get accuracy as well as fluency in languages. Along with traditional studies he has also learnt English through “Sri Atthota Kamayya Garu”.

After completing his primary education at “Konala”, he enter in Tanuku High School while he had completed his matriculation and then in Rajahmundry, which produced a galaxy of poets in great persons, he has completed his F.A. Exam and soon he was awarded with Second Grade Pleader Certificate, he has  continued his carer as a successful pleader till 1911 in Tanuku.

Along with his sucess as a pleader, he has acquire a good amount of knowledge in various vernacular languages such as Marati, Pali and Bengali. He has translated many Dramas, Novels, Poems from various Indian languages. Along with transactions, he has also written many Novels, among those “Sanjivaraya Charitam” was very famous. In order to encourage his efforts to British Government has awarded him with M.A.,

Along with Indian Ancient doctrines like Karma, Gnana, Moksha a deep & keen interest to spread the languages, Sanskrit and Telugu were became his life ambition In order to fulfill his desire he has decided to establish such an institutue which can undoubtly helps in the revival of our native cultures. So, to achieve that he has changed his residence from Tanuku to Kovvur.

Kovvur, the town in which once sages like Gowtham lived, and the destination for the persons who suffers with the thirst of knowledge was selected by him to fulfill his goal. That is the year 1912.
The ever growing dream of Sri Tallapragada Suryanarayana Rao Panthulu garu, came true in 1912 because this is the year in which he has started our “Andhra Geervana Vidya Peetham” along with the establishment of this institution he has also given part of his land in order to give a concrete from to his dream. In 1913 the governing body was came into existence officially.

Main Motto : Actually, the main and important point here to remember is, he has wanted to make pupil accurate in  both Oxidental and Oriental knowledges. He wanted to would the minds of the students which can adopt both knowledge with a bit of critical thinking. He wanted to make the vedas as the foundations and western scientific knowledge as pillars an roof.

Although by birth he is a Jamindar he has given all his money and wealth to Vidya Peetam and he strived hard in order to fulfill the needs of the students and teaches though once he lead a life of luxury, for the development of Vidya Peetam he has left his family, Profession, Pride, Prejudice and at last he used to wonder in streets in order to get the minimal needs of Vidya Peetam.

But, his sacrifices soon brought the attention of some other Nobel people in the society and they have showed their pity in the form of donations and along with these donations Madras University has also taken this institute into its safe wings, which has given grant-in-aid for lecturers.

We can proudly compare our Sri Tallapragada Surya Narayana Panthulu garu with Pandit Madhan Mohan Malavya, because both of them worked so hard to cultivate a sprit in youth to learn. Thats why, he was also became famous as “Andhra Malavya”.