About us

Brief History of Establishment

Sri. Tallapragada Suryanarayana Rao Pantulu, the person who determined and eminent, has established this institution “ Andhra Geervana Vidhya Peetam” in 1912, by putting some goals like, to spread the native and true culture of India, to merge the Oxidental and oriental knowledges and to protect Sanskrit and Telugu language which are at the edge of their existence. He also established the following institutions as its side wings.

  1. Sri . Lal Bahadhur Primary School,
  2. Sri. Mavulati Somaraju Sanskrit School.
  3. 3.     Sri. Vadrevu Jogamma Veda Samskrutha Kalasala,
  4. Music and Dance School.

Though, some of the above institutions were closed, High School and college are still running, smoothly.

In order, to promote the study of Indian literature, History, Philosophy, Vedas and vedangas, to encourage the patriotism in the pupil and cultivate interest in native culture, the funding father sri. Tallapragada Suryanarayana Rao Pantulu, had brought the lecturers who are very through in their subject, by searching whole of the state. As a result of his effort. So many students have got very good knowledge and also. Most of the students of this college had become good schools and some of them are still working in various universities. He also made great effort inorder to provide the students college with Hostel and scholarship facilities.

Though at first, that at the time of establishment the number of students is so merge. After getting the affiliation from Madras University in 1915, the number of students has increased and along with the increase of number of students. The enthusiasm and the funds from the donors  were also increased. He has examined many scholars in streams like Vyakarana, Vedhantha, Tharka, Meemansa and appointed the best in his institution and increased the value of the institution. Though, the Maharaja oriental college, Vijayanagarama was the first college of such kind, we can proudly say that, our institution is in the first place in providing the society with eminent scholar, who has zeal to develop the society in its virtue.

In 1926, this institution has got the affiliation from Andhra University and also getting the grand in aid from Madras University from 1948. Before getting this aid the institution had faced financial problems, which were solved, because of the humanity of Srimathi. Vadrevu Jogamma, who provided some financial resources  to pay salaries etc., the college was named after her.

Recently, in the academic years of 2011-12 our institution has celebrated its Platinum jubilee also with the help of old students, management. The program was made auspicious with the arrival of Aravindarao. Rtd. D.G.P, Mandali Budha Prasad, president of Telugu Basha Sangam.